Baby Cheeks

Conceptual Packaging (Student Project)
Project Overview
Given the objects, a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen, I was tasked with creating a conceptual package that could transform into another shape. The essence of sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen can be boiled down into two words: sunshine and time. And thus, BabyCheeks, aviators and sunscreen for the undead was born. I envisioned that any modern day vampire would need a survival kits of sorts for a day out in the sun. However, given their immortal nature, a vampire might need a reminder of the concept of time. The two pyramids when stacked together create the shape of an hour glass. Sunshine and time are the enemies of the vampire, but with BabyCheeks they might just stand a chance.
Goals and Objectives
As a conceptual packaging project, these items were not necessarily designed with appeal on the shelf in mind but rather how this package could transform. The goal of the project was to take two unlike objects, design a package around them, and then have the package transform into a third object that furthered the concept. My objects were sunscreen and sunglasses. I chose to combine these with the idea of time. Thus, my package transforms into an hourglass. With the new idea of time, the element of "protection for the undead" was added.
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