Interface Design and Video Editing (Student Project)
Project Overview
Cherish is a concept for an app that provides a single interface to ease communication for long distance relationships of all sorts. The Cherish app is more than just the standard messaging app. It goes above and beyond to enhance the communication experience in new and innovative ways. As a student project, Cherish was a collaborative effort between seven graphic design students and one sound design student. I was assigned to be team leader. While I designed the user interface, I did  not design the logo. I also edited the commercials but did not create the animations in those commercials.
Process Book
Goals and Objectives
When you move far away from family, friends or a significant other, long distance communication is the first struggle that comes to mind. Good relationships can fall apart due to the hardships that come from trying to maintain the things that are seemingly irreplaceable about being there in person. We wanted to ease these hardships.
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