The Franklin House

Brochure and Welcome Forms (Student Project)
Project Overview
Orion is a property management company, or so it seems. Once you’ve been enfolded into their inner circle, you would recognize it as a secret society in line with the likes of the Shriners and the Free Masons. Orion is a society for the advancement of art and culture and they’re looking for new recruits at their Savannah location. The Franklin House is a renovated historic home in downtown Savannah. This welcome package will give you all the information you might need to know to be a part of Orion.
Goals and Objectives
The goal of this project was to put a fun spin on the concept and design for a condo brochure and supplemental materials. Savannah has a not insignificant amount of secret society like activities going on. So, what better than a new secret society condo right down the road from the real speakeasy?
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