Movie Promotional and Graphic Propmaking  (Student Project)
Project Overview

The Goode Book is a fictional noir fantasy film taking place near the end of World War II. The movie revolves around the disappearance of a witch, the investigation, and the family that gets drawn into it. At the center of the conflict is the missing Goode Book, the Goode family’s anthology of all the witches that ever descended form Sarah Goode, a slam witch trial victim. The hero prop, the Goode Book, has four sections depicting the life of a woman from this family. I also created promotional posters for the film and a condensed title sequence. The Goode Book, the film, is grounded in a noire style with very few fantastical flourishes, so the promotional material reflects that.

Process Book
Goals and Objectives
The objective of this project is to create immersive props and other assets that feels appropriate for the setting, tone, and themes of the film. A good prop is one that is serves its purpose well. If it’s meant to be the crux of a scene, then it should stand out. If it’s there to provide information about the setting, then it will blend seamlessly into its surroundings creating an immersive experience for the viewer. Another objective of this project is to create branding and marketing materials for the film that will draw audiences.
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