Wasteland Weekend

Music Festival Brochure (*Student Project* no association with Wasteland Weekend)
Project Overview
Wasteland Weekend is a four day fully immersive festival held every year in the Mojave Desert. Wasteland Weekend welcomes all individuals looking to express their alternative lifestyles in a post-apocalyptic themed adventure. To capture the vibe of this post-apocalyptic theme without drawing too much from the costuming and decoration of the event, the schedule brochure takes on a “nuclear” family theme. It’s a twist on the 1950’s traditionally ideal family. This family has undergone the apocalypse and has come out the other side just a little different than how they were before.
Goals and Objectives
The goal of this project was effectively convey the nitty gritty information of the logistics of the music festival while also grabbing the attention of the viewer with interesting imagery and concept.
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