Huxley Classics Collection

Book Cover Design (Student Project)
Project Overview
The three Aldous Huxley books explored in this project are all based on the concept of utopia, dystopia, and apocalypse. Overall the colors of the individual book jackets reflect the tone of each book. Island is light and dream like to reflect the utopia the book depicts. Brave New World is darker; blue and pops of yellow high lightly individuality peaking through conformity. Ape and Essence is fiery and violent depicting the end of the world. While the contents of each book jacket is different the use of gradients, type treatment, and variety of color create cohesion as a set. Each book jacket has an important quote from the text on the flip side.
Process Book
Goals and Objectives
The goals and objectives of this project are to do the job that most book covers should do and attract readers to pick them up and buy them. I also wanted to present these books with pops of bright color to set them apart from previous cover designs and to hopefully make them more noticeable on a shelf.
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