Synthetic Society

Exhibtion Brochure
Project Overview
Synthetic Society is an exhibition exploring the contradictory nature of the genre and subculture of cyberpunk. I created the installation’s poster that could be used as promotional material or at the entrance to the exhibit. The poster juxtaposes the conflicting ideas of cyberpunk: all consuming technological advancements and anarchist individuality and how one might smother the other. The narrative literature brochure balances chaos with a rigid grid structure. The center page timeline is the focal point of my narrative. A Turkish fold provided a basis to create a grid to place 35 instances of the history of cyberpunk on. The grid was manipulated to place important related instances next to each other even if they are separated by multiple years or months. This brochure is a takeaway from the museum that would act as a guide through the history of cyberpunk as a genre and subculture.
Process Book
Goals and Objectives
Studio 1 familiarizes students with the role a designer plays in envisioning complex and multi piece projects across various forms of media. By using a variety of basic principles and elements (introduced in earlier GRDS classes), students expand their ideation skills to problem solve and produce innovative “answers” or executions of visual communication.
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