Space Atlas

Educational Ebook Design (Student Project)
Project Overview
Space Atlas is a grand tour of the universe exploring everything from the solar system to predicting the end of the universe. It was published by National Geographic in 2012. My assignment was to redesign an existing educational book into an ebook for both a tablet and smartphone format. I redesigned the cover, inside cover, and a section about the planet Venus. The theme of the project was “a snapshot of the universe” and incorporates photo frames and film contact sheets into the imagery. I used this visual language so that the reader might feel like a discoverer or explorer not unlike how a photographer might feel. This is a student project and has no relation to National Geographic. All images were sourced from NASA’s public domain image library.
Goals and Objectives
The goal of this project was to create an educational ebook on any topic, keeping in mind the target audience of 14 years and older with an interest in your topic.
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